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For as long as Somerville has been a community, the wood treatment plant has been providing good jobs and benefits to the men and women who have worked there. The plant has been a driving force in the local economy for over 100 years and has played a positive role in the lives of generations of Somerville residents. The plant has operated consistently with applicable laws and regulations and it continues to maintain strict safety and environmental standards.

The purpose of this website is to provide factual, objective information regarding plant operations, findings from environmental testing, and health studies that are relevant to Somerville residents. Additional links have been provided for further background reading. We hope that you will take time to review the provided information and make your own conclusions.

This website and its contents are provided by Koppers Inc. and BNSF Railway to promote an informed and fair discussion of issues related to the City of Somerville and the wood treatment operation that is the City's largest business employer.